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In today’s fast-paced world, staying updated on the status of your train journey is essential. To make this process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 railway tracking apps that are revolutionizing how travelers monitor their train schedules and real-time locations. These innovative apps provide live updates, arrival times, platform information, and even allow you to book tickets conveniently.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveler, these apps will enhance your railway experience. Join us as we explore the best railway tracking apps that ensure you’re always on the right track for your journey.

1- National Train Enquiry System

NTES is a reliable railway tracking app that provides live train status, schedule, and platform information across India, making it a valuable tool for passengers and enthusiasts. If you want to build an app like NTES, it is crucial to get in touch with the best railway tracking app development company.

2- IRCTC Rail Connect

The official app of the Indian Railways, IRCTC Rail Connect, offers seamless booking, live train updates, and various services like e-catering, making travel planning easier. Are you curious about metro railway track app development after seeing these incredible train tracking apps?

3- Where is My Train

A user-friendly app that helps passengers track their trains in real-time, ensuring they are always aware of their train’s location, delays, and expected arrival times. Visit here..

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4- ixigo Train Status & Book Ticket

This comprehensive app not only offers live train status but also allows users to book tickets and access various travel-related services, making it a one-stop solution for train travelers.

5- Train App: Book Tickets, Food

Train app not only lets users book train tickets but also provides real-time updates on train status and offers in-train services like food delivery, making journeys more convenient.

6- ConfirmTkt: Train Booking App

An all-in-one railway app that offers ticket booking, PNR status checks, and live train tracking, helping passengers have a hassle-free travel experience. Learn the cost to develop a mobile app with our experts by getting in touch now.

7- Where Is My Train – Train Info

A simple and efficient app for live train tracking and station information, ensuring passengers are well-informed during their journeys.

8- Geo Tracker – GPS Tracker

While not exclusively a railway tracking app, Geo Tracker is a versatile tool for tracking and recording your travel routes, which can be useful for train enthusiasts and travelers who want to keep a record of their train journeys.


These top 8 railway tracking apps have redefined the way we approach train travel. With their real-time updates, convenience, and user-friendly interfaces, they’ve become indispensable tools for both seasoned commuters and occasional travelers. Whether you’re looking for timely information, booking tickets, or simply ensuring a smooth journey, these apps have got you covered. Embrace the future of railway travel with these technological marvels and experience a seamless and stress-free journey every time you step onto the tracks. If you are looking for a leading railway tracking mobile app development services provider, it is crucial to get in touch with our team.

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