10 Best Free Music Apps in 2024

The landscape of music streaming services has experienced swift and significant growth. Typically operating on a subscription model, these apps provide enthusiasts access to vast libraries of music and podcasts. Despite the plentiful availability of such services, only a few manage to capture widespread attention and popularity. Attributes such as audio quality, user interface, advertising presence, recommendation algorithms, exclusive content, and integration with other apps and services play crucial roles in distinguishing these music apps.

In 2024, we have curated a list of the best free music apps, focusing on their unique features and availability.

Best Free Music Apps


Spotify stands out as leading music streaming service. It offers an extensive array of music and podcasts from creators worldwide. Since its inception in 2008 Spotify quickly expanded its reach. By 2011, it boasted a user base of one million music enthusiasts. It also had a catalog of 100 million tracks. By 2015 the platform surged in popularity. This was due to its seamless availability on all devices. It also had accessible features. However, it’s important to note the variation in audio quality between the free and premium versions. Spotify Free users experience audio at bitrates of 128 kbps on mobile and 160 kbps on web players. Recent updates have left some users frustrated, as basic functionalities such as song skipping, song repeating, and parts of tracks rewinding are restricted to premium subscribers, along with the new ‘smart shuffle’ feature.


Pandora remains a prominent figure among free music streaming platforms, despite fierce competition. Since its early days, Pandora has successfully maintained a strong presence across various devices. Its free version focuses on personalized music recommendations and curated playlists, known as “stations,” all within a user-friendly interface. Free users listen at a quality of 64Kbps AAC+ on mobile devices, without the option for quality adjustment. With a vast library of over 50 million tracks, Pandora is celebrated for its entertaining user experience and ease of navigation.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has made a significant impact with its entry into the music streaming industry, quickly becoming a household name. The free tier of YouTube Music is ad-supported, but advertisements can be skipped after just five seconds, similar to YouTube videos. This version offers lyrics, boasts a powerful recommendation algorithm, and includes unique features like the ability to switch between audio and its corresponding music video. Additionally, users can cast to YouTube Music via Google Cast and search for songs by entering lyrics, enhancing the platform’s innovative appeal. The library encompasses over 100 million tracks, with audio quality set at 128 kbps for both mobile and web players.

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Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a robust music streaming service that grants access to a sweeping library of over 100 million songs and a broad range of podcasts, available for both streaming and offline listening. It features a free tier that includes advertisements, offering fundamental access to songs and playlists, along with the convenience of Alexa voice assistance. Although ad-free listening and unlimited skips are perks exclusive to premium subscribers, Amazon Music consistently meets the expectations of its user base, providing a satisfying experience across its applications.


Deezer is frequently viewed as alternative to more mainstream music streaming services. It may not currently rival the popularity of its competitors. Deezer holds a unique place as one of the first music streaming platforms and an early adopter of 360 Reality Audio technology. While it might not be on par with its rivals currently Deezer’s significant history as a pioneer in the music streaming industry is notable. Its early adoption of 360 Reality Audio technology underscores its role as an innovator in the field.

Users of Deezer’s free tier experience occasional ads during their listening sessions. Audio quality is capped at 128kbps. The mobile app for this tier has some limitations, although these restrictions are consistent with what is typically found in similar offerings from its competitors.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio sets itself apart from typical music streaming services by emphasizing radio stations, presenting an alternative method for enjoying favorite tunes while preserving the allure of traditional radio formats. TuneIn offers a diverse selection of stations. This includes prominent ones like BBC Radio and NPR. All India Radio and C-SPAN are also featured. News sources such as CNN and Fox News are available. Additionally the platform features a wide range of podcasts. It allows users to discover local and genre-specific radio stations. It ensures a rich listening experience. The varied selection caters to everyone.


SoundCloud is celebrated as central hub for emerging artists. This positions it as the preferred platform for discovering music and podcasts. It is ideal for finding up-and-coming talents and spotting future music stars. Notable artists such as Post Malone and Lizzo began their careers on SoundCloud. This underscores the platform’s impact in the music industry. The free tier offers a vast repository of over 120 million tracks, mixes, podcasts, and more. However, due to its focus on ‘up-and-coming’ artists, the quality of content on SoundCloud can vary.

A significant advantage of SoundCloud is the ability to directly connect with friends and artists on the platform. You can create personalized playlists. You also receive curated tracklists tailored to your musical preferences. However like many other free services users must tolerate advertisements as a trade-off for accessing the diverse and dynamic content available on SoundCloud.


Tidal is a music streaming service that caters to music enthusiasts in the United States, offering access to ‘Tidal Free.’ This plan allows users to stream from entire Tidal library at 160kbps. “Limited interruptions” from ads are included. A major advantage of Tidal is its commitment to delivering high-quality sound. It starts at 96kbps. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an immersive musical experience. Tidal is renowned for providing CD-quality sound and even high-resolution audio. It surpasses the offerings from many other streaming services.


iHeartRadio is compatible with a wide range of devices and offers robust features. It enables users to discover commercial-free radio stations and listen to podcasts. Additionally, users can create music stations based on their favorite collections, search for specific stations, and even use a song as an alarm. While upgrading to iHeartRadio Plus provides additional features, the basic free tier already includes quite impressive functionalities, with audio streaming at a quality of 128kbps.


Idagio is a dedicated music streaming app for classical music enthusiasts. It serves a niche audience by focusing solely on the classical genre and boasts a library of over 2 million tracks. Idagio enhances offerings with exclusive access to live concerts and interviews. This enriches the listening experience for its users. The app ensures exceptional audio quality. It streams at a minimum of 160 Kbps. Its maximum is 192 Kbps. Idagio employs unique compensation model. Artists are paid based on the duration of their music streamed. This is a fairer remuneration system for creators.


With a plethora of music streaming services available across various devices, the top services mentioned above have distinguished themselves through unique features that have attracted a large fan base. Bearing this in mind we have curated a list of the best free music apps and top players in the music streaming services for 2024. If you are looking to develop your own mobile app, consider reaching out to Blockchain Studioz. It is the leading mobile app development company. With cutting-edge technologies and industry experts we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. And deliverance.

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